Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And Speaking of Midland, Texas...

...and Baby Doc's avoidance of the Vietnam War, here is a link to the list of casualties in the Vietnam War from Midland, Texas, and Casper, Wyoming.

They are, respectively, the hometowns of George W. "Shrub" Bush and Dick "Crashcart" Cheney. Because our two fearless leaders had "other priorities" and couldn't be bothered to allow themselves to be drafted into the service, two other guys went instead.

So, which of these guys died in your place, Georgie? Which of them died in your place, Dickie?

That's the question you wingnuts asked Clinton when you accused him of being a draft dodger. How about some equal time for your own leaders?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Hypocrites.

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billie said...

let's see- who served?
rumsfeld- no
cheney- no
rove- no
delay- no
gingrich- no
limbaugh- no
bush- sort of but no
rice- no
wolfowitz- no

did i leave anyone of the major players out? oh gonzalez- no. hmmmmm- good thing that these folks are running the 'war on terror'- they have so much experience.