Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hands Across the Border

David Cline, current president of Veterans for Peace recently went to Castlegar, British Columbia, where he was a workshop leader and speaker at the Our Way Home Reunion.

The event was intended to honor the the contributions made by American draft-resistors and military deserters who went to Canada during the Vietnam War, and to offer recognition to the plight of the current crop of soldiers who have had enough of the illegal occupation of Iraq and are seeking asylum in Canada.

After seeing the list of guest speakers (George McGovern, Arun Ghandi) and musicians (Country Joe McDonald, Buffy St Marie and Holly Near), I'm sorry I missed it, but I say good for David Cline, and good for at least a small part of Canada for recognizing that the American war machine is still in the business of killing our children for no good reason.

Read the story of the conference, As Iraq Burns, Haunted by Vietnam, on the website of BC's independent alternative daily newspaper, The Tyee, and support independent media.