Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush Exercises First Veto

In yet another non-surprise, Baby Doc finally found a bill out of the rubberstamp congress that he could veto. The Stem Cell Research bill made it out of both houses with a good strong majority -- but not one that is veto-proof -- only to get rejected as "immoral" by the Magic Christian at the helm of the listing ship of state.

So the Rethugs once again have pulled a cynical manipulation in an election year. The ones who voted for the bill can go home to their constituents -- two-thirds of whom support the legislation -- with an "I tried" excuse, the Christianists can claim a victory since it was vetoed by their cowboy messiah, and the progress of science is once again thwarted.

What is missing in this whole "immoral" argument is the ultimate fate of those frozen embryos. They are going to be destroyed anyway, and I don't see any upsurge among the life-begins-at-conception (or before conception, actually, since they are also opposed to the so-called Morning After pill, which actually prevents that conception from happening) crows with offers to turn over their precious gift-from-god uteruses as human incubators for these thousands of pre-borns.

Nope, so all of them will be destroyed. And we're back to the question I asked a while back: If you are a supporter of the rights of the pre-born (or the pre-pregnant) and you are standing outside an in-vitro fertilization clinic when a fire breaks out, and you can save either 20,000 frozen embryos or one live baby, which would you choose?




jae said...

"What is missing in this whole "immoral" argument is the ultimate fate of those frozen embryos."

That was EXACTLY what was missing from every mainstream media report that I heard.

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Love your blog.

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Granny said...

What wasn't missing from the photo op were the adopted embryos. With all the kids in group homes and foster care, these people adopt an embryo?

The whole thing is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Actually what the media isn't pointing out is this only concerns tax dollars being spent on the research. Private companies can and should spend their own money for research.