Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oppose "Sunset Bills"

The Vietnam Veterans of America just issued a press release decrying two House bills, HR 5766 and HR 3282, which under the guise of federal "reform" would create a federal review commission to evaluate and recommend the abolishment of various federal agencies and the elimination of many federal programs.

Both bills have been "fast-tracked" for a vote in the House, and both of them deserve to die a quick but painful death.

This is yet another trick that the neocon fascists have up their sleeves to get rid of a lot of those pesky and inconvenient New Deal/Democratic programs that have stood us well over the last 70 years or so.

While veterans benefits and VA funding are not specifically mentioned as targets, this maladministration and its lapdog lackeys in congress have made no secret of their desire to stick it to America's veterans, and the various programs that serve vets are in danger of being declared "obsolete" or "inefficient".

Please contact your congressional representatives and tell them to vote NO on these two potential travesties.