Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Not-So-Shocking Sex Statistics

From our ought-to-be-surprising-but-isn't department, here are some interesting statistics on STDs by state -- click here and then scroll down until you come to the headline that says "Top ten states ranked by rate (per 100,000) of reported STD cases: United States, 2008".

There are four columns, Rank; Primary and secondary syphilis; Chlamydia; and Gonorrhea.

Guess where the vast majority (we're talking something like seven out of ten here) of the top ten states are located. Guess where the very top state in each category is located.

Give up? In the Bible Belt:

[Thanks to Wikipedia for letting me steal the map]

Not a surprise that it's colored red, and not just because they always vote for the Rethugs. No, it's red because they are embarrassed. And well they should be.

I guess all that abstinence-only sex education really is workin' out for ya down there, wink, wink... Which reminds me, take a look at that table of stats -- Alaska is Number Two for chlamydia. Which means if you're an Alaskan female named Palin, you really ought to get yourself to a clinic.

[HT to Bay of Fundie for the link.]

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Anonymous said...

No wonder these rethug Thumper-belt types seem insane, they're burning with STD-related encephalitis! They are The Crazies in a way. I say if God didn't want you to wrap your junk, he wouldn't have invented STDs and abstenance only works until your fire crotch or blue balls take control of your brain and your will breaks down. Nice one from the school of the obvious, still funny, though.