Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Think Grampaw Has Lost It - Call 9-1-1

Here's Jon Stewart's hilarious sendup of Grampaw McCain's flip-flops, lies and what could be incipient senility:

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The latest McCain goofaw was, of course, his "I'm not a maverick" statement to Newsweek Magazine a few days ago. Stewart leaves no laugh unturned in dissecting the shady world of high finance of the soul.


Anonymous said...

I watched McCain on the Sunday news talk shows for years and while I didn't always agree with him and never thought him especially brainy, I respected him. It is a weakness of mine to respect people who have honorable military service.

And THEN came the 2008 presidential campaign. I thought Obama far to inexperiened and suspected I might cast my first Republican vote for McCain. And THEN, all I could think was "OMG, he has been body snatched!" And THEN, it got worse, he pulled in Palin. And THEN I realized that he is about on par with the scaggiest old streetwalker. Shoot, it may be that you could find a few scaggy old streetwalkers that have more integrity than McCain.

Sometimes I feel sympathy for him when I see the embarrassment in his eyes and THEN I remember - he calls the shots and has absolute choice in how low he goes and my sympathy vanishes.

It is nonetheless a little hard sometimes to watch his the opposing parts of personality play out in public and watch him on worldwide televion tarnish his reputation all by himself. However, whoredom will tell and in this case it is he who has revealed it so explicity.

Jay in N.C.

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, me too. While I abhorred his politics in general, I did have respect for the man. That kind of starting evaporating in the 2000 campaign when he chipped off major parts of his soul to stand with and endorse Baby Doc Bush, who had pulled such appallingly unprincipled race baiting tactics on him in S. Carolina.