Friday, April 02, 2010

Are Your Pets Saved?

That's a good question for fundo Xians. I mean who wants to go to heaven if you have to leave your pets behind? Cats, of course, will go to hell immediately (can you say "Satanic familiar"?), and dogs...well, it's curgatory for them.

But what about your other pets, you know, the innocuous ones who exist only to exalt your own feelings of superiority?

Finally, you can rest easy and have no fear. The Easter Bunny will save them:

And just in time for Easter Weekend. Now you can relax with that steaming serving platter of ham in front of you, secure in the knowledge that the pig who sacrificed himself for your gluttony is secure in the bosom of the Easter Bunny...

Plus if you pay attention, you will learn why you're not supposed to give chocolate to dogs... Who knew?

[HT to The Bay of Fundie.]