Wednesday, April 07, 2010

'Get Over It'

Remember back in 2001, starting in mid-December of the year before and continuing on for most of the year what the so-called "conservatives" told us?

They ran the same litany four years later when once again we had a legitimate gripe.

"Get over it!" they'd tell us. "Bush is president and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Turns out that they were right, to the tune of 4375 American deaths, 31,000+ wounded, a million Iraqi dead and uncountable trillions of our tax dollars disappearing down an infinite number of ratholes.

Guess what. Now it's our turn. Barack Obama is president. Get over it.

Jeez, that felt good.

For more on this subject, take a look at this column by Reg Henry.


What was the charming little phrase that conservatives would say to those of us disappointed when George W. Bush became president? It's hard to believe that it has receded down the rabbit hole of memory. It was so wonderfully pithy.
Ah yes, I remember now. "Get over it!" This was considered the height of conservative wit back in 2000 and 2004 and all the long years after. You might call it almost Oscar Wilde-like in its cleverness -- that is, if Oscar had not been gay.
Hey, Mr. Liberal, you think the election was stolen because the public was bamboozled by the voting machines? Get over it! Hey, Mrs. Liberal, you think it unfair that the public was bamboozled by gay marriage amendments and the like? Get over it! So we did get over it, sort of, because we didn't think we had a choice. It never occurred to us to behave like spoiled children who didn't get their way, pouting and stamping our feet.
Oh, there was mumbling and grumbling, some crying in our beer, but most liberals aren't much interested in being in a permanent state of agitation. They weren't interested then in forming tea parties for any purpose other than sharing cupcakes. They weren't interested in wearing guns to public events, and not only because they looked odd when worn with kaftans and Birkenstocks
. . .
To the nation's shame, the rage over the legislation has no equal in recent history. Some have suggested that the Democrats are co-conspirators in the lack of bipartisanship. The Democrats are not without fault -- hey, they are the Democrats, a party that could not organize a booze-up in a brewery -- but the basic suggestion is ridiculous.
Not a single Republican voted for the reform package, a display of like mind that would have been the envy of the Supreme Soviet. It was amazing how they recycled their "Country First" slogan from the presidential election to the more workable "Politics First."
So, all you birthers and anti-humanitarians and the rest of you who simply can't stand the fact that an uppity Negro has taken up residence in the White House: Get over it!
* * *
[Note to my cousin who keeps sending me anti-Obama crap: This also means you!]