Thursday, April 29, 2010

15 Ways Black People Oppress Limbaugh, Beck, et. al

Over at Alternet, Christopher Deis has a fascinating mea culpa in which he admits that white men were missing from Obama's rousing get-out-the-vote-in-2010 speech.

Which naturally prompted the snarling rabid outrage that we saw from Limpdick, the Beckistanzer, Slanthead and all the rest that Obama was a "racist" etc etc.

But in this piece Deis admits to his sins and offers up his own 15 ways he oppresses white conservatives.

1. If I join the Republican Party I will have a great advantage over my peers. I will receive funding to run against other black people. Black people who join the Republican Party are also guaranteed to be shown on TV at the Republican National Convention, and there is an excellent chance they will be asked to give a speech. Even if you can't win a single election, black Republicans have job security for life.
2. I will be placed directly behind many famous Republicans when they give speeches.
. . .
7. I know that my race is always an asset and never a liability. At will, I can play the "race card" and win any debate or dispute.
8. People of color have long dominated the evening news. We are disproportionately represented in the coverage of many types of news stories, especially those featuring reports of violent, criminal behavior. Moreover, with Barack Obama's domination of the evening news, the hyper-visibility of people of color is further encouraged in the mainstream media. To remedy this, I will do my best to support an increase in the amount of attention given to white people in the evening news and by popular culture at large.
The sobering thing about this great piece of satire is that it is sure to be taken literally by the maundering morons of the right.

How long do you think it will be until Limpy starts his "See I Told You So!" rant, rustling paper over the microphone? And for his dittohead listeners to start their sycophantic phone calls telling him how smart and wonderful and oppressed he really is.

Yes, they are that stupid.