Thursday, April 08, 2010

Batshit Crazy Isn't Good Enough

No, it isn't when you are describing professional Catholic and fulltime cretin George Neumayr when he's acting as chief apologist for Il Papa, Pope Ratzo "Eggs" Benedict and his refusal to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of child abuse among the church's priesthood:

Since when have secularists and dissenting Catholics been experts on the protection of children? These self-appointed reformers of the Catholic Church preside over a debased culture that abuses, aborts and corrupts children. That a reckless and depraved liberal elite would set itself up as moral tutor to Pope Benedict XVI is beyond satire.
Here we had on display during Holy Week the spectacle of the Vicar of Christ receiving moral instruction from Barabbas. Who turns orphans over to homosexual couples at adoption agencies? Who sends Planned Parenthood propagandists into schools? Who clears the streets of major cities for "gay-pride" parades with the North American Man/Boy Love Association in tow? It is the liberal elite who champion these child-corrupting practices. And wasn't it just last year that these enlightened protectors of children assembled at the golden coffin of Michael Jackson to pay their last respects? Where was the outrage about child corruption then?
Jesus, George, if you got something to say, come out and say it; don't beat around the bush about it. What happened, did someone put amphetamines into your sacramental chalice? You might also try to spew a couple more broadsides since I don't think you managed to give ricochet wounds to the Boy Scouts, the Mormons, or the Rosicrucians yet.

And, as far as Pope Ratzo is concerned, take a gander at this:

[HT to Bartcop for the image and the link.]