Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Even Tom Coburn Says You're a Liar...

... then it might just be true. Tom Coburn??? I mean really, you've got your own soldier fragging you. Give me a break.

We're talking about the new Health Care bill and whether the IRS is going to hire some sixteen thousand gunslingers to enforce it. If you watch Faux News, you know that it's a verified fact, don't you now?

Crooks and Liars has the story on Coburn, and it's not a pretty one for Faux News:

A woman at a town hall meeting was frightened that the IRS would come in and lock her up if she didn't buy health insurance. Coburn told her that she shouldn't be listening to Fox News because he knew that they were helping push along that lie. [Emphasis added]
So let's take a step back and ask what about the facts of that assertion? Here's's take on it. And what does Clusterfox News do about it?

They lie.

And not only do they lie, they get their big guns on it. No lesser a personality than Bill Orally himself says that "Nobody [at Faux News] ever said that you'll go to jail if you don't buy health insurance."

Wrong, as this followup story, also from Crooks and Liars illustrates:
Evidently, Bill O'Reilly's idea of defending his network's journalistic honor is to lie blatantly -- not just to his national TV audience, but to a U.S. Senator to boot.
Last night on his Fox News show, BillO -- incensed by Sen. Tom Coburn's suggestion that Fox News' coverage of the health-care debate was misleading and biased -- tried to claim that no one on Fox had ever suggested that you'll get thrown in jail if you don't buy health insurance.
O'Reilly claimed it three times in the course of the interview, each time with escalating falsity, culminating with the claim that his staff had carefully researched the question and found that no one at Fox had ever said it.
Oh really? Because as you can see, we have the video that demonstrates clearly otherwise.
Glenn Beck, as a matter of fact, said it on his own Fox News show -- and he said it on Bill O'Reilly's program too, directly to O'Reilly's face. And O'Reilly made a joke about it.
Nor was Beck alone among Fox anchors saying it.
Jesus, who woulda thunk it, a nationally-available cable network dedicated solely and uniformly to furthering the propaganda of the Republican Party.

Poor Tom Coburn. I'm sure that by now he's been slapped around by his overlords in the Party, and he won't make that mistake again... But it's fun when someone in the Inner Party slips and blurts out the inconvenient facts, isn't it?

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