Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea Baggers: States' Rights Yes, Individual Rights...Uh, Not So Much

A new poll out of the University of Washington (Note to Regent and Liberty: That's where they actually have real professors who teach real math and statistics classes) holds that Tea Baggers are not concerned with civil liberties:

Two-thirds of supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement believe the government should be able to tap people's phone conversations and profile people based on race or religion...
Got that? These are the people who are oh-so-fucking concerned about "Big Government" and all that mouthy crap they spout, except when it comes down to protecting the rights of "those people" -- i.e., those who are not well-off older white people.

Be sure to read the comments section on that article. A couple of examples:
Meanwhile your beloved illegal aliens murder innocent citizens, destroy their property, and attack our civil servants. When was the last time that was seen at a Tea Party? Yet progressives attack the Tea Party movement that supports the foundation of our nation. Oh a couple of things, remember progressives will progress to maturity, and old age. Then they too will be in the dilemma of seniors only wanting what they paid for all their working careers. That is if they don't contract tuberculosis which is on the rise in the state of Washington. Hmm I wonder why? So those of you out there who wish ill on the Tea Party, watch what you ask for.
. . .
People who hate folks with conservative values are sad people. The poll did not contact me I guess. I do care about civil liberties and the Constitution - all amendments. They are us really, and they protect us. BUT by being accepted by Liberal/Democrat folks means I have to sacrifice my values, then stuff it. I believe that we live in the greatest country on Earth. We are based on religious principles and free to make of our life what we can. My main sticking points with Obamunism are 1) I believe the murder of innocents to be wrong- taking any human life is not our domain. 2) I am very pro-2A and Obamunism hates the 2A and wants us unable to defend ourselves 3) Obamunism and PP give our young children sex info as early as KG in some places. Society is geared to see abortion as an "out" for mistakes. 4) Government owning business is not a good idea 5) health care reform is another word for health care takeover. I could go on forever. You get the picture. So if those values make me an evil person, so be it. I really do not care what anyone thinks. My peace is made with my Creator.
Obamunism? I'll confess that's a new one on me. But here it is in the Urban Dictionary, and you can even buy t-shirts with Obamunism logos. My favorite is the Obama logo with an integrated hammer and sickle overlay.