Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something New: The Book of the Week

As you can see from the new section in the left column, I've decided to add something new to One Pissed Off Veteran: An association with

The way it works is this: If you use the Amazon search box to find something you want to buy on, Amazon will send me a few pennies on your purchase.

It isn't much, but I'm hoping it will be enough to keep me in beer and skittles.

I also intend to feature a "Book of the Week". These will be books, either non-fiction or fiction, that I think my readers would appreciate and learn something from.

The first Book of the Week is The Price of Right: How the Conservative Agenda Has Failed America (and Always Will) by my friend Alicia Morgan, and it is the Progressive Primer first reviewed by me back in 2008. It would make a terrific gift for that IBIL* of yours, or for any of your friends who need some basic knowledge in modern Progressive thought.

[*IBIL= Idiot Brother-In-Law]