Saturday, April 10, 2010

Democratic Party County Convention

I attended my county convention today. Given that it is an off-year election and there's not a whole lot to fire up the Democrats -- unlike two years ago when it was a running gunfight between the Clinton and Obama supporters.

So there weren't a whole lot of people there, and there was nothing like the classic 2004 "floor fight" over the platform that kept us there until after 8:00 PM(!)

This year we have an open congressional seat in this district, so the three Dems who are going to be duking it out in the primary spoke, plus there's an open seat in my legislative district with five Dems grappling over the seat, which made the convention a little more lively that it could have been.

All politics is local, and this year, brief.

My legislative district was authorized 33 delegates to the state convention, and those slots were all filled by "volunteers" (including a couple who had to be cajoled into it), so there wasn't the politicking and jockeying and speechifying and angst that usually accompanies the voting for delegate selection.

And, of course, I'm once again a delegate to the Democratic State Convention.