Monday, December 10, 2007

Today is Write Your Newspaper for Kucinich Day

The folks over at the Kucinich campaign have designated today as the National Write Your Newspaper for Kucinich Day, and I was more than happy to do my part.

Here is my letter to the editor of my local newspaper:

I've been following the election news closely, and I've discovered some interesting facts. Americans in general hold a majority opinion on the following issues, and for Democrats that majority opinion is huge:
1. Ending the illegal occupation of Iraq
2. Creating a universal coverage national health policy
3. Withdrawing from NAFTA and protecting American jobs
4. Impeaching Dick Cheney
It is troubling that only one candidate is in step with the American people on all of these issues, yet he has repeatedly been given short shrift, not only by the mainstream corporate-controlled so-called "Liberal Media" but also, sadly, by many members of his own party.
That candidate is Dennis Kucinich.
Do a Google search for "choose your candidate" and you will find a number of links to several "blind taste tests" of all the candidates. Answer a dozen easy questions and you will be presented with a ranked array of the candidates who most closely represent your beliefs and values. You might be surprised at what you learn.
I am a Vietnam veteran who is opposed to the Iraq war, and I say that the best way to end the Quagmire in the Desert is to elect Dennis Kucinich president.
So I encourage all of you to send your own letters -- those of you who, along with me, support Kucinich, of course. And feel free to pirate as much of my letter as you like. It's one of the many free services offered here at One Pissed Off Veteran.


Tom said...

People need to know that OBAMA is NOT a good choice. People need to vote for Kucinich in the Primary. Please send this link to everyone you can:
We all need to vote TWO TIMES! Vote for Kucinich in the Primary and then in the General Election. THAT is how he CAN WIN

betmo said...

i agree with tom. and- i am curious as to what the other 'free services' are here :)

Farnsworth68 said...

You mean besides the observations, declarations, subversive humor, left-wing rants and accusatory finger-pointing?
Well, we'll do your shopping, wash your car, walk your dog and steal your television...
Not necessarily in that order.

jae said...

Did you see this?

Made my day. We gotta get rid of Darth first, though.