Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baby Doc Signing Statements

We've heard about them for years, but how many of us know exactly what they were and which bills signed by Der Monkey Fuehrer they were attached to?

Certainly not me, and that's why it was especially gratifying to find that the American Constitution Society has collected them and has published a lengthy list and description of them at Index of Presidential Signing Statements 2001-2007.

Like I say, it's long (174 pages in .pdf format), but well worth skimming through. He even put these signing statements on laws passed by his own fellow Rethugs in congress.

As I look through them, most of them seem to be of a nature to ensure the primacy and superiority of the Executive Branch. Watch for the tell-tale phrasing "unitary executive branch" in many of them.

Exactly the kind of thing you'd suspect from an Imperial pResident like Baby Doc Bush.