Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Gay General??? The Horror!

I have posted on the whole "don't ask don't tell" debacle several times on this blog, including this one when this blog was brand new:

To those who say they don't want a gay person sleeping next to them or taking a shower with them, I say one word: bullshit. If you served in the military, then chances are you already did those things. You just didn't know it because the gay person sleeping next to you or showering with you was forced to keep his/her sexual orientation secret.
And somehow you survived it, didn't you?
So I was glad to see that Keith Kerr, retired Brigadier General and (now) an openly gay man, asked that question during the Rethug debate, since it's an issue that is long overdue to be settled.

But when it came out that he was a volunteer on the Clinton campaign, suddenly THAT became the story, about how he had somehow "ambushed" those poor pitiful deer-in-the-headlights candidates, and the real story got submerged.

The real story is that here is a Brigadier General who is retired after 43 years of service, a graduate of the Special Forces Officer Course, the Commanding General Staff Course and the Army War College, who had been forced to live in the closet for all of those years.

So it's back to what I said before: If you are a veteran who doesn't think you've already served with gay soldiers, sailors, etc., then you are an idiot.

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drainbamage said...

It is amazing, that they can consider the question invalid. Not because there was something with the question, but because of who was asking it. What ever happened to "the only stupid question is an unasked question"?

I stop and look around, I think back to those nut cases who spout conspiracy theories and I stop and wonder.

Did Shruby read too many of them theories and decide to try and make a few come true?
Maybe that was the first thing that came to him after the terrorist pretzel almost choked him to death?