Sunday, December 02, 2007

Putting an Egg-Sucking Dog in Charge of the Henhouse

You can imagine my surprise to learn that noted war monger, neocon architect extraordinaire and champion comb-licker Paul Wolfowitz is returning to the Baby Doc Maladministration.

Yep. According to Newsweek Online, Secretary of State Kindasleazy Rice has offerred Wolfie a job as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board.

That's the august body within State that advises on international security stuff, such as, I don't know, maybe whether we should bomb Iran and stuff like that...

No word yet as to whether Wolfie's girlfriend Shaha Ali Riza will also be getting a job with State.

Oh, and that position does not require Senate approval, so Wolfie won't be bothered by pointed questions from those com-symp terrorist-enablers, the Democrats.