Monday, December 17, 2007

Sign On to Impeach Cheney

Florida Congressman Robert Wexler (D -- Naturally) has just about had it with the corporatist mainstream media protecting the chief assholes in the BFEE, and I don't blame him.

The MSM/SCLM has so far refused coverage of the calls for Cheney's Impeachment, so Wexler is now taking it to the streets -- in this case the blogosphere.

He's issued a call for those of us out here in Left Blogistan -- and everyone else -- to make our voices heard on this important issue.

Please join me in signing on to Wexler's call for hearings on impeaching Darth Cheney.

As of right now there have been 77,743 signatories, one of which is (of course) mine. Please drop by and make your voice heard as well. Let's show those fuckers in the MSM that the people (i.e. us) have a voice regardless of how much they want to ignore us.

And if you feel like taking an even stronger stand, see The People's Email Network for a longer form that you can complete and send to your own members of congress as well as your local media.


jae said...

Did you happen to read through the last 25 messages sent? Three "No" votes, one stating the kind 'of people who decapitate civilians and stone women to death for talking to an unrelated male' a second stating simply that Cheney has done 'nothing wrong' and to 'leave the man alone' ang the last one saying that there 'hasn't been another attack like 9/11 because of the Bush Administration'.

I am going to go throw up now.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, jae.
It's ironic that those assholes who think they voted "no" will actually be counted in the "yes" votes.
Like I've always said, those of us on the Left are geometrically smarter than the mouth-breathing knuckledraggers on the Right.
BTW, I've added your blog to my blogroll. I didn't even realize you had one before your guestbook post at Chairborne Ranger.