Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Has to be a Joke -- But it Isn't

Baby Doc, obviously watching the numbers -- his poll numbers have sunk to his lowest point ever (32%) and crude oil is selling for a new world record $74 a barrel -- now says that HE's going to do something about oil company price gouging.

Yeah, that would be real funny, if I didn't just pay over $40 to fill up my tank. Hilarious, if low income people hadn't frozen to death last winter when they couldn't afford heating oil.

Where was the help, the concern, the crocodile tears for the "Heh-heh, Amur'can c'nsumers, heh-heh" when the beyond-evil über-greedy motherfuckers at Big Oil were stuffing their oversized pockets with record profits, in the billions of dollars, over the last couple of years? You didn't see it then, did you? Not when Bushco was lining its own bank accounts with the unconscionable excesses of oil capitalism at the expense of the poor, the weak, the unemployed -- and the middle class that is about to join them at the bottom

"This administration is not going to tolerate manipulation", Baby Doc said, without a trace of irony.

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Anonymous said...

When Prez Ass-Wort says "This administration is not going to tolerate manipulation" he means they won't tolerate the oil companies god-given right to steal being messed with by Congress and the American people.