Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday by the Numbers

Total American dead in the Iraq War Illegal Occupation: 2378
Total coalition force soldiers dead: 209
Total Iraqi Dead: 100,000+

It has been 1683 days since Baby Doc said he'd get Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive".
It has been 1129 days since the illegal occupation of Iraq began.
It has been 1087 days since "Mission Accomplished".

It was only 1347 days between Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII.


Elizabeth Green said...

It just goes to show that this guy is no FDR!!

TomSongs said...

Just found your blog. Good Stuff.
I made it to Crawford this past weekend and played BushWhacked:

Peace and Justice,

merlallen said...

how many vacation days has the decider taken since 9/11?

Steve Cooke said...

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Steve Cooke

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