Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beam Me Out, Snotty, and Please Pass Me the WWIII

Little Scotty McWeewee, tired of pissing his pants in public, is leaving his post as Baby Doc's mouthpiece. I suppose he wants to "spend more time with his family", as every other disgraced Bushco weenie claims. If he had one -- too bad the Repugs are against gay marriage.

It's just another indicator of a White House out of control, but hidden in the announcement is another little gem: Karl "Mayberry Machiavelli" Rove has been relieved of his policy duties so he can concentrate on the upcoming election. This of course marks the first time that Karlo the Great and Powerful has had power taken away from him, and it may signal a sea change in the Maladministration. If he can't pull out what is increasingly looking like a debacle for the Repugs this fall, watch for him to be forced to throw himself on the grenade.

In the meantime, the Repug candidates are falling all over themselves to try to put some distance between themselves and Baby Doc: "W? Hey, I barely know the guy." And who can blame them? What record do they really have to run on? Runaway spending that's created the biggest debt this nation has ever known? A continuing bloodbath in the sand? The complete failure to apprehend Osama Bin Forgotten?

That's why the Iran thing is so troubling. The true Axis of Evil (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice) are already rattling the sabers. Who would be willing to bet that they won't bomb Tehran come early October?

Rally 'round the flag, boys, 'cause the Repugs are the party of "national security". Which, like "Clean Skies" and "No Child Left Behind", is another Orwellian corruption of our very language. We will see yet another in a long line of sanctimonious wrapping-themselves-in-the-flag positions that will once again seduce the Moron-American voting bloc into forsaking their own best interests in order to keep these venal and corrupt thugs in office.

But this time it could bring on WWIII. And for many on the right wing -- the radical Christianists, the American Taliban, the fundo Armageddonists -- that's exactly what they are trying for.


NetAgra said...

" for him to be forced to throw himself on the grenade."

Smacks of some actual courage. Naw, don't think so.

My kid raises a few pigs every summer. He's always a little reluctant to get in the pen and take ahold of 'em when they need some attention. All that silly squealing, and slop and thrashing around when you grab 'em.

I tell him to get good at 'cause it's a lot like dealing with republicans.

Farnsworth said...

You're right about the grenade, NA. Forced to fall on his sword, maybe. But even that takes too much courage.
In fact, offhand I can't think of the coward's equivalent, unless it would be to pay someone to force someone else to fall on the sword...
Sounds like conspiracy to commit murder, doesn't it? In the BFEE? Naaaaah. That's just crazy-talk.

Elizabeth Green said...

I saw him announce this on CNN yesterday. I guess he's tired of trying to cover their arses. I love the Mayberry Machiavelli thing. That's too funny. Have you ever noticed how Karl Rove kind of looks like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters? :-)

I am sick of this whole administration. The war thing pissed me off, but the Katrina fiasco was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.

Granny said...

I've been watching McClellan lately and waiting for the ax.

He looked so frightend (or has he always looked like that?) I usually don't watch any more of their crap than I have do.