Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kenny-Boy Blames the Media

God damn that Liberal Media and its lying bunch of agit-prop com-symp lefties over at the Wall Street Journal.

Wait, did you say the Wall Street Journal????!!!!!

Yep, that bastion of left-wing communist-leaning business-bashing socialism, that veritable font of invective-spewing anti-capitalist propaganda. Turns out they're the ones responsible for the Enron collapse. Not Kenny-Boy, not Jeffy Skilling, and certainly not little Andy Fastow. Not that whole rapacious band of freebooting capitalist-pig butt-pirates who fucked over three-fourths of America with their shady deals.

But that's what the slimy fuck is saying in his testimony. Check it out and tell me, once again, if it doesn't just have to be a joke.


NetAgra said...


Always enjoy the rants about this and that, but how about a rant about unreported wounded iraq war veterans?

According to Juan Cole, unless someone actually gets killed, DOD makes no public report. Get your head blown off and you at least make a list. Get a leg blown off and you don't even get listed.

I suppose it's a quicker report to fill out.

drainbamage said...

Where did you get the pic of golum?