Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Special Midweek Bush Twins in Uniform Update

Prince Harry, Royal "bad boy", third in line to the British throne, and an across-the-water equivalent to the Bush Twins, has graduated from England's elite Sandhurst Military Academy (the British equivalent of West Point) with a commission as a 2nd lieutenant.

He will join the Blues and Royals Regiment, which has a very good chance of being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan within the next 12 months, according to one of the regiment's senior officers.

Meanwhile his older brother, Prince Willian, has just started his own training at Sandhurst. It is conceivable that both second-generation direct-line heirs to the throne could see action in the Middle East. There's been no talk among the Brits about how disruptive the princes' presence would be to their units or how many personal guards will have to be deployed to protect them, none of the crap we hear from the wingnuts here in reaction to the possibility of Jenna and Not-Jenna being in uniform.

So what about Jenna and Not-Jenna? Where are they while the princes are doing their patriotic duty for their country? Partying down in Georgetown nightspots as usual. They just can't be bothered with fighting in a war that their father started and is unable to finish. Military service? That's for the little people, the Walmart-shopping trailer trash writhing in benighted agony beneath the contempt -- beneath the notice, even -- of the ruling class, their sole function being to serve as cannon fodder for the furtherance of the Empire.

You'd think that the Bush family would be shamed by the actions of their counterparts in Great Britain, but apparently they are incapable of feeling embarrassment. Surprise.


Pat said...

I would suspect they feel with all sincerity that they are Entitled.
Money throws shame out the window.

merlallen said...

I'm really embarrassed that I don't know Prince Charles' brother's name who served in the Falklands.
Royal Navy, I think. If Congress's and President's kids were compelled to serve in the military the chickenhawks in charge now wouldn't be so apt to start wars. For no reason.

nolawitch said...

In response to gus, Prince Andrew served as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands.

I would go further in that all Cabinet members' kids should have to serve as well. Unfortunately, the oligarchy here doesn't have the sense of dedication to duty as the monarchy of the United Kingdom.