Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Repugnican Corruption Runs Deep

Jesus, it just never stops. Repugnican former Illinois governor George Ryan was just found guilty of "steering millions of dollars in state leases and contracts to political insiders, lying to federal agents and tax fraud".

Okay, counting Randy Cunningham, that's two down, a million more to go. Let's not stop until every last one of the lying cheating stealing dissembling evil minions of the most corrupt and venal political party in the history of the world has been arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to prison.

This is the party of accountability. Let's keep making them accountable.


Granny said...

I read they smuggled in the name of his political party at the very bottom of one of the news articles.

Ryan, that is.

Jeff said...

Exactly, the 1st story I read on it was AP, and it was in something like the 11th paragraph. Seemed a bit hidden. Talking Points Memo noticed it, too.

Look, if we simply MUST have politicians, and there must be some backroom dealing so business gets done, at least with working checks and balances, and rule of law, it sorta evens out between parties over time.

Don't make it right, but it's gotta be better than the parade of greedy bozos we've seen since about 1994 with the Contract on America.