Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Racism "Not a Big Deal"???

Jesus, is Baby Doc really this clueless? Or is it that the Rethugs just don't care? Or are they sending a secret message to the knuckledragging Klan members, fellow travelers and wannabes over in the subhuman wing of the Republican Party. Like when Ronald Ray-gun went to, of all places, Philadelphia MS, to announce that he believed in "states rights"? Translation: Don't worry, rednecks, we gonna keep them uppity darkies in their place...

Newly annointed press secretary, ex-Faux News Repugnican apologist/Baby Doc enabler, and full-time blowhard Tony "Whitey" Snow said as recently as 2003, coming to the defense of fatboy oxycontin addict, self-confessed drug criminal and fellow bloviating asshole Rush Limbaugh and his stupidly racist comments on Donovan McNabb, that "racism is no longer any big deal". Hello? What the fuck planet does this asshole live on? What rock has he been under for the last half a century?

People like Whitey Snow and the other assholes who live at the top of the food chain think things are just hunky-dory all across this great land of ours. Everything's just great for them, and since their basic philosophy is -- ostensibly -- that a rising tide lifts all boats, then things just have to be fucking rosy for the people at the bottom as well.

Whitey probably asked his hotel maid how she was doing; she was no doubt smart enough to know not to complain to a hotel guest, so she said something bright and sprightly back to him, and there you go. No racism here. Nossuh.

It's hard to believe that people like this not only cohabit this country, but are rewarded by being elevated to positions of power and responsibility.

"This used to be a great country; what happened?" -- Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider.


Granny said...

I'd think he'd at least give lip service to our racial problems. I won't watch Fox so I have never seen him but he's obviously an ignorant, blind fool.

He should fit in nicely.

Christine said...

Check out my post from yesterday.

Racism is a thing of the past? Really?

He's a moron.