Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging


Elizabeth Green said...

What a cute picture. It looks like they are kissing or trying to eat the same thing. They are lovely, as always.

Granny said...

My two cats do that from time to time.

Just before the cat fight (which neither of them win).

merlallen said...

anybody want an orange cat? send me your address i will fedex you one. these fuckers are getting on my nerves. they eat catnip, get high, eat all of their food and climb the curtains.
remind me of myself as a teenager.
Dude, your word verification thing sucks. it takes me about 4 trys to read the damn letters to type in.

Farnsworth said...

Sorry, gus. I was getting too much spam masquerading as blog comments. I don't like it much either (I have to use it myself when I post comments like this), but it's better than giving the fuckers free advertising.