Monday, April 10, 2006

Baby Doc Admits "Declassifying" Documents

When the president does it, it's not against the law. Apparently that mindset, a holdover from the late and not lamented Nixon Administration, is still with us.

The Empty Sleevejob says that he -- arbitrarily and unilaterally -- decided to declassify secret government documents in order to answer his critics about the leadup to the Iraq War.

In a word, bullshit.

There are established processes for declassifying information, and he didn't follow them. Those on the right, marching in lockstep with the current maladministration, quickly jumped to Der Monkey Fuhrer's defense, but even the most brain-dead among them must realize where that line of reasoning will take them.

Taken to its logical extreme, it means that Baby Doc, were he so inclined, could give our nuclear weapons blueprints to his equally-crazy counterpart in North Korea by simply stating -- by executive fiat -- that he was "declassifying" them.

When the president does it, it's not against the law? And these are the same fucking sanctimonious hypocritical assholes who piously preached that Clinton's actions brought shame on the office of the president.


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