Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Concrete Coat Tails

Democrats have swept to victory in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races. Looks like Baby Doc's coat tails are too heavy to do anything but sink, let alone help a couple of hapless Repugs get elected. Virginia especially has been a reliably red state for many years, and this was not supposed to happen. The last gov race was seen as an anomaly. Apparently not.

It's still too early to watch The Gropinator's "special election" ballot measures go down in flames in California, but I am confident that it's going to happen. He's already worn out his welcome with the voters, and his shabby treatment of Warren "Bulworth" Beatty did not help his image.

This election season was seen as a precursor to '06. Let's hope that it is a portent of things to come and we finally take back our country.