Friday, November 11, 2005

A Veterans Day Message

Hello to all of my fellow veterans, and thank you for your service and your sacrifice. On a day when we should be honoring veterans, we are instead faced with an all-out assault on veterans and veterans rights by the Bush Maladminstration.

The DAV nails it today in a news release from Arthur Wilson, National Adjutant of the DAV:

On Veterans Day, as our nation remains at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the President and Members of Congress will call on America to support our troops and talk about how much we owe our men and women in uniform. But instead of honoring its commitment to those whose service and sacrifice have kept us free and safe, our government has launched a devastating assault on benefits for America’s veterans.

Federal funding for veterans programs over the years has not even kept pace with inflation, let alone the increased demands on the Department of Veterans Affairs for health care and other earned benefits. The administration claims to have provided record increases for veterans, yet thousands of them have been denied access to VA health care. Because of budget shortfalls, VA facilities in every region of the country have exhausted reserve funds to meet critical needs. Many have stopped hiring doctors and nurses, while still others have cut back or even eliminated medical services. It is a clear indication that the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country are not a national priority.
Read the full text on the DAV website, and be prepared for a long hard fight. This administration, aided and abetted by its chickenhawk co-conspirators in Congress such as Steve Buyers (R-Asshole), is already on record as intending to dismantle the Veterans Adminstration.

Read the Larry Scott opinion piece on the website for an eye-opening look at what is being planned.

We have to stick together and fight these bastards. Don't let them do this to us. I am fucking appalled that so many veterans and service members voted for these fascist motherfuckers. WTFU, brothers, and see what they are doing to you.

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Blue Cross of California said...

Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system. Health insurance is a major aspect to many veterans.