Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dems Set to Cave on Scalito?

I knew it was too good to last. After showing a big pair of brass ones last week, now the Dems are ready to cave in on the Scalito nomination, virtually guaranteeing that there won't be a filibuster.

The Seattle P-I says that liberals are going to fight back in other ways -- and there are plenty of them, from his lying to Congress in 1990 over whether he would disqualify himself from ruling on Vanguard Funds (in which he held about $80,000 worth) and then, just 12 years later, going back on his word, to his questionably vague statements on Roe vs. Wade ("I have respect for the decision", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean).

Sorry, but those are issues that will go nowhere. The Moron-American voting bloc doesn't own mutual fund shares and can't relate to them, and they are easily convinced that "respect for the decision" means he won't vote to overturn it.

Like I said all along, poor Harriet was just a stalking horse, spread out there by Baby Doc to muddy the waters and confuse the issue, then conveniently swept aside when she was no longer useful, replaced by someone the wingnuts had in mind all along, knowing they would have the willing compliance of a sufficient number of weak-kneed Democrats to ensure that the fascist control of a majority of the court would be complete.