Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We're in Safe Hands -- Not!

Using vocabulary eerily similar to the War on Terratm, Baby Doc said that he's asking congress for $7+ billion to combat the coming wave of bird flu, including stockpiling antiviral medicines that don't even exist yet.

If the Bush Maladministration handles this pandemic the way they've clusterfucked everything else that's happened to drift their way, we are, once again, so fucked.

Does it make you feel safer that your health is in the hands of this lame duck moron who says he's relying on science to bail us out. Jeez, that's comforting coming from him -- there's nothing like that old faith-based "science" to ward off the plague. You know, the way it did in Europe in the Middle Ages. All Baby Doc has to do is get his buddies over there on the Religious Right to pray for us all and we'll be just fine...

Oh, wait. I forgot. They won't pray for us. They'll pray for god to smite us mightily, if not with hurricanes then with viruses, to make us pay for our profligate sinning ways.

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DrainBamage said...

Wow, I have a cheaper idea. How about we revoke most favored trade status for China and other countries with such poor hygiene practice that these super viruses have a chance to breed?

Sounds like a cheaper way to solve the problem?

Why does every single thing shrub boy does have to cost us BILLIONS?