Saturday, November 12, 2005

Operation Truth Responds to Bush Vets Day Tirade

Operation Truth is an organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who are opposed to the murderous policies of the Baby Doc Maladminstration.

Here's what their leader, Paul Rieckhoff, had to say in response to yesterday's out-of-control tirade against America's domestic enemies (i.e. liberals & anti-war demonstrators):

“On Veterans’ Day, the President spoke a lot about the reasons for the war in Iraq, but very little about how he plans to take care of the people fighting that war, and what the future holds for them.

“Those of us who fought in Iraq deserve to know why we became Veterans in the first place. On today of all days there should be consensus on the need to rise above partisan bickering over who said what in Washington and begin real investigations into prewar intelligence. It’s unfortunate that the President doesn’t think he owes that to the people who have been unwavering in their bravery while carrying out his plans.”

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ED Beckmann said...

As a two tour combat Vietnam Vet. I feel betrayed by our Coward in chief. He, on of all days, Veterans Day accuses me and any Vet who opposes him of Treason. How dare he! We who served in Vietnam considered "The Guard" as the rich kids Canada. I cannot find the words express my outrage at this cowards arrogance