Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Beware Buyer

Indiana Rep Stephen Buyer, that is, the Repugnican lapdog chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, a koolaid-drinking party loyalist who took over this critical committee after the overthrow of Chris Smith, who was an activist for veterans in spite of the fact that he was also a Repug.

Buyer earlier this year referred to veterans as "whiny" because we complained about proposed cuts in VA benefits. When someone called him on it, he pulled one of those typically slimy Repug tactics and claimed that he didn't say it, he was just quoting someone else.

This, BTW, is one of those hallmark Repug actions, just like Jean Schmidt did just the other day to John Murtha, calling him a coward.

But I digress. Like most of the rightwing, Buyer hates veterans. He's the last person who ought to be the chairman of this committee, and yet there he is. I hope some bold Democrat in his district -- preferably a returned Iraq War vet -- will have the balls to take him on and rub his smarmy face in the brown Indiana dirt.

See the always-incisive Larry Scott's commentary on Buyer at military.com, and then let's all prepare to kick some bucks loose for Buyer's opponent next year. This asshole has to go.


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Anonymous said...
The brit blogs are too
domimated By the "pro war Left" including this one
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The "pro war Left" only supports the Iraq war because of the oil and is concerned of Britains overall strategic position as regards other powers such as Russia and China.

Anonymous said...

Buyer is a menace to veterans. This guy has done his best to fuck veterans at every turn. What I can't figure out is why red state joe six pack thinks that the repugs are pro troops and pro veterans. It boggles the mind. People open your eyes--think!!!