Tuesday, November 08, 2005

John O'Neill, Worthless Carpetbagger Gadfly

Now the Swift Boat Liars are out to get Vermont's Bernie Sanders.

Like O'Neill, who is supposedly a Texas lawyer, even has a dog in that fight. Jesus Christ, what is with these people?

A friend of mine said that O'Neill has been bitter all these years because he didn't get a parade when he came back from Vietnam, so let's just give the slimy sleazeball liar his goddamn parade and then maybe he'll settle down.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the Vermont senate race. Bernie may need an influx of cash to counter the dirty lying motherfuckers, and he deserves it. He was one of the few voices in congress to start pushing the government into acknowledging and treating Gulf War Syndrome, and he has long been a friend to veterans.

If Bernie needs the cash -- and he will -- please consider a generous donation.

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merlallen said...

Let's give him a parade from the Baghdad Airport to the Green Zone.