Saturday, September 10, 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up -- But Brownie Can

Turns out that Michael "Hell-of-a-Job Brownie" Brown is more than just another Baby-Doc-ass-kissing inept patronage spoils appointee to the top job at FEMA. He's also a serial liar.

According to Time magazine and UK's Guardian newspaper, Horsefucker Brown says -- and a White House press release in 2001 backs him up -- that he worked as Assistant City Manager overseeing the emergency services division of the City of Edmond Oklahoma in the 1970s. Too bad he didn't coordinate that story with the city, since a spokesperson there says he was just an assistant to the city manager, with no one reporting to him and no job responsibilities other than doing what he was told. Like an intern. Like a gofer. Like a flunky.

He also stated that he was "Outstanding Political Science Professor, Central State University", when he was actually just a student there.

And finally, Brownie reported that he was director of the Oklahoma Christian Home, a nursing home in Edmond. Again it's too bad he didn't coordinate with them, since they say they never even heard of him.

His real résumé isn't much better: Fired from his job as director of the Arabian Horse Gelding Guild or whatever the fuck it's called, political hack flunky for the GOP, and so on. One of Knuckledrag, Oklahoma's finest products.

And this is the best and the brightest, the very pinnacle of what we can expect in a person appointed to head the most important crisis-response agency in the world?

Give me a fucking break.

So now he's been relieved of his field command and is going home to DC to "spend more time with his family"... that's not exactly what he said, but that's what will be coming out of his mouth next week when he resigns. Spend more time with the family. That's what all those fuckers at that level say, and they are always lying when they say it.

But it will save Baby Doc the embarrassment of having to fire his sorry ass. Even though that's what it will be.

Baby Doc, don't forget, asked "What problems?" just the other day.

Nancy Pelosi said it best about Baby Doc: "Oblivious. In denial. Dangerous."

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DrainBamage said...

Can't they fire him for false resume and interview? Like other gov. employees?

Oh, I guess when you lied about your credentials it is kind of hard to fire someone you hired for doing the same.

They should fire him and every other manager till the get down to the people who actually do the work!