Monday, September 12, 2005

Yet Another FEMA Horse's Ass

Jesus, can it get any worse? Turns out the FEMA director for Region 10 (Seattle), John Pennington, is another horse's ass in a cheap suit, an unqualified spoils-system political-hack serial liar.

Pennington, a former GOP member of the Washington State legislature, has zero experience with disasters. Aside from, apparently, his own marriage, since his wife filed a restraining order against him in January 2005 alleging physical abuse and injury to her neck.

When Pennington resigned from the legislature citing "health reasons" that left him unable to sit or stand for long periods of time -- over 30 minutes -- thereby leaving his fellow GOP legislators in the minority in a legislative body that was, up to that point, evenly divided.

The only problem with this was that Pennington, instead of staying home to convalesce, took off on a European vacation. Maybe things have changed, but the last time I went to Europe, I sat in an airplane seat for about ten hours. If I had physical problems that were so severe that I had to leave a part-time job (which is what legislators in Washington state are considered to work), then I don't think they would allow me to goet on a plane to Europe.

Even the Repugs in SW Washington (coincidentally the same area that was misrepresented by neocon fake-disaster-pundit and Baby-Doc-apologist Bob "The Weasel" Williams, back in the days of another major disaster, the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens) don't like him. See the ordinarily and consistently far-right wingnut blog, Clark County Politics, for an analysis of Pennington's shortcomings -- by one of his fellow Repugs.

To make it all even better, Pennington's college "degree" was from something called California Coast University, a SoCal diploma mill which was non-accredited at the time he paid his money and got his sheepskin. In other words, Alfred E. Neuman could have gotten a degree from this outfit.

The only way Pennington got the FEMA job was because of cronyism. There's no way else to explain it. Former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn appointed this combination slacker/liar to a $138,000 a year job based on no qualifications at all except she "likes him". Dunn, BTW, was Baby Doc's campaign director in Washington State last year. Not that it helped anyone, since Kerry carried Washington by a large margin, so it's hard to see why she had any clout to appoint even a dogcatcher. Baby Doc doesn't like those who don't get him what he wants, and Jennifer fucked up big time when she lost this state to that dirty lousy wound-faking Fonda-loving Commie-tool John Kerry.

Are these fuckers really this shameless? Never mind, I answered my own question.

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Kilgore Trout said...

Burn all the liars
can we do an old school salem witch trial here? burn the guilty at the stake? fun for the whole family. hire a few thousand dissplaced Katrina victims to gather wood cause were going to need a lot of it.