Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baby Doc Totally Clueless -- As Usual

After fucking around for several days, still on vacation, speaking to wealthy donors in California, eating cake with John I-Have-No-Ethics McCain, and playing guitar (How fucking clueless can you get? It's like Nero fiddling while Rome burned; would you really want that picture to be your legacy?), Baby Doc finally listened to his advisors and spoke to the American people about the disaster in the Gulf.

As usual, it was a case of too little too late. A litany of numbers, a catalog of "stuff", all designed to make the world think we are doing everything we can.

We are not.

Bush could have said – and didn't – that he is reducing this year's tax cuts on the wealthy in order to have the cash to repair the damage.  That he is postponing his call for repeal of the so-called "death tax". That he is calling on every American to donate to disaster relief.

He also could have issued a call – but didn't – for conservation of oil resources in the face of this sudden shortage from the wells of the Gulf. He could have called for fewer trips by car for everyone, more reliance on public transit, increased carpooling – there are any number of proven strategies that would cut back on gasoline consumption.

Cut back on gasoline consumption?

Yeah, when the BFEE calls for reduced gasoline consumption, monkeys will fly out of my ass.

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Runs with Piglets said...

Are you a carpenter? Cause you so hit the nail on the head...
It isn't like the problems that are showing up aren't predictable and haven't shown up in every disaster in history.
You have a huge disaster, what are the things that happen? Looting, rioting, health problems from so many dead being exposed for so long, no fuel for relief efforts, Nobody taking care of the relief workers and they start breaking down.
Two police have committed suicide already. What more will the Red states have to suffer for electing shrub boy? I saw the police chief begging for some cruise ship or something for his "people" to stay in so they could get some sleep, then he started crying and refused to talk on TV anymore. Where was shrub boy and his help before the two over worked dedicated police officers took their lives? How many more will break down before some help arrives and the locals get a bit of a rest?

I say the blue states develop a plan that excludes Federal help in the event of an emergency, lets take the tax dollar back and use it! We could have an adopt a city plan where every city has 49 other cities in the US and the mayor's will coordinate the aid needed from the others states on a local level, mayor to mayor.

Have you seen some officials (not local) turning refuges back into the flooded homes they escaped from?

Can you tell me how the Red Cross aid convoy, how it could sit on the road out of gas for at least 1 full day? Because FEMA and Homeland Security-lite have to tell everybody what to do, not except aid from other countries because they can't move it.

Sounds just like the Tsunami where we complained their governments were hampering aid efforts. We should all wake up and smell the coffee! Only locals and community organizations will be of any real help, not the Federal Government who has to act important and tell everybody what to do even if it is telling refuges to go back to their flooded homes.