Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Going Dark for a While

I'm on my way to the East Coast for the national Veterans and Military Families for Progress conference in Arlington, VA, this weekend, and then I'm going up to Philly and NYC with some friends before I come back to DC to join up with my fellow Veterans for Peace members for the big anti-war rally on the 24th.

I'll try to post when possible, but it'll be on a catch-as-catch-can basis. I'm taking the laptop, but you never know when or where you can get a wi-fi connection.

Catch you all on a regular basis when I get back in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your continued support reading these random scratchings...

-- Farnsworth


pacificskye said...

Be careful out there, and have a good trip.....Peace.

Jo Fish said...

Have a good trip. Flip off a Neocon for me :)


drainbamage said...

I don't buy it, they are shipping you off to getmo and have even posted this lame ass message to make us think you will be back.

Don't worry I will start a collection for your legal defense fund, but how will you get council if they don't have to admit you are in jail?