Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bob Williams, Pundit???!!! I Have Now Officially Fucking Had It

I know you are asking the question: Who the fuck is Bob Williams and why the fuck is he a fucking talking head on the fucking MSM/SCLM discussing Hurricane Katrina?

Bob ("The Weasel" as he's known here in SW Washington) Williams is a former Washington State legislator (and I am sorry to say, when he was there he represented my district -- although, I quickly point out, he did not represent me) who just happened to be in the legislature when Mt St Helens blew in 1980.

"Our" volcano wasn't even in his fucking legislative district, so how this makes him an expert on disasters or anything else is beyond me. Okay, granted, the FEMA gang set up shop in a junior high school in Kelso, WA, which is in his district, but I can tell you from my personal experience of actually working there, filing Disaster Unemployment Insurance Claims, that the motherfucker didn't even bother to show up once.

Now he's the president -- and Fearless Leader, in the Kim Jong Il mode -- of an Olympia, Washington, based neofascist neo-Stalinist "think tank" called the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, whose sole mission in life seems to be to needle and meddle and interfere with the proper functioning of state government. How in the hell this asshole ever made it to pundit status able to comment on national affairs is beyond me, but there the little pissant is, all over the media as a learned Commentator on Disasters.

The only disaster this assbreath is at all familiar with is his own abortive attempt to run for congress, in which he was soundly thrashed by a true Washington State liberal, Jolene Unsoeld, who was, in my opinion, the best congressional representative Washington's 3rd District ever had.

All kudos to Media Matters, who calls the lie to this know-nothing-nobody-from-noplace-going-nowhere asshole.


Anonymous said...

I was with you till you said Jole gold plated washroom facuets, leahter couch and tv in the congresional bathroom and compared this pork happy BIATCH to a good representative. Although I really can't claim there have been many that were any different.

Farnsworth said...

What are you talking about? Gold plated what? Pork?
Her only bad decision came about when she accepted $ from the NRA and voted against a gun control bill.
Our current rep has made two very bad votes just in the last year, and he's in danger of being considered a closet Republican because of them.
Jolene would not have voted with the Repugs on the Terry Shiavo bill and she would not have voted for the so-called flag desecration amendment; she also would not hesitate to vote for articles of impeachment against Baby Doc Bush. I'm not sure about our current guy.

NWorb said...

I agree with you about Bob "Wacko" Williams, but he's no less qualified to talk than all those other nuts with regular jobs on FOX. Jolene was the rare politician who would tell you what she really believed, so her days were numbered anyway. The american voter has proved over and over that we have no stomach for a difficult truth. Anyone who tells us what we don't want to hear will be promptly un-elected.