Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Respect for Dead Justice

Baby Doc, show a little repect for the dead, will you?

Rehnquist's corpse wasn't even cold when Baby Doc, eager for a story, any story, that would take the heat off his dismally lacking performance in the face of the worst catastrophe ever to strike this country, quickly recast his stealth homophobe-racist-misogynist rightwing nominee to the Supremes, John Frenchfry Fuck You Veterans Roberts, as the best qualified candidate for Chief Justice.

Roberts, if you will recall, is a man who has barely two years experience as a judge, someone who has now come out of nowhere to leapfrog over Antonin "Quack-Quack" Scalia, who must be hugely pissed that this upstart WASP punk with a face like a smiley button is getting the job that he, by divine right and all that is holy, was destined to have. Not to mention Clarence "Houseboy" Thomas, who must be splitting the seams on his Can't-Bust-'Em overalls because he surely thought that HE had a chance at it as well, after he's been putting up with Baby Doc rubbing his head for good luck for the last five years.

Sorry, boys. You have just been Bushed -- they'll let you advance because they want to give the impression to the redstate rubes that the Repugs are the "party of the big tent". But they'll let you advance only so far. You want to get that plum lifetime appointment as chief-among-equals? That's not going to happen -- one of you looks too Italian, and the other looks too Black.

You were lucky to get where you are, so don't be fucking greedy. Be thankful for what you have, and concentrate on being a credit to your race.

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DrainBamage said...

What happened to the democrats? Did they all get a lobotomy or something? This guy as you point out should not be the highest group of judges in the US, not to mention the top dawg. Am I in some twilight zone?

How could anyone seriously consider this guy for the supreme court?