Sunday, September 04, 2005

Disaster Upon Disaster from the Masters of Disaster

Over the last several days we've seen disaster upon disaster visited on us. First came the terrible damage done by Katrina, and then that was compounded by the horrible damage inflicted not only on New Orleans but also on the entire country by the inept and bumbling maladminstration of Baby Doc Bush. More people died because of the bungled response to the hurricane than died in the hurricane.

As if cutting the Corps of Engineers funding by over 40% wasn't enough, the fuckers in the maladministration, at the behest of Fearless Leader, also cut FEMA's budget and folded it into Homeland Security.

Not a bad idea -- on paper -- folding it into Homeland Security. IF it actually helped to make the homeland secure. Which it didn't.

Look carefully at the chaos that has erupted, and watch the inevitable finger-pointing. Horsefucker Brown started it by blaming the victims because they didn't evacuate, and blaming the state and local governments for not asking for help sooner (Note to Horsefucker: The Louisiana governor called for help two days before the hurricane hit, and you assholes have the fucking nerve to say that nobody could have predicted it, you goddamn two-faced hypocritical liars).

Watch it and tell me if you feel more secure. Watch it and tell me that if another panic evacuation of a major American city has to take place, the assholes at the top are going to be anything but even more Keystone-Kop-fucked-up than they were in their reaction to Katrina.

Watch it all. Because our enemies are watching it. If anything could give them "aid and comfort", it is watching the Gang that Couldn't Think Straight trying to react to this hurricane: Baby Doc eating cake, playing golf and pretending to strum a guitar while people are dying. God forbid he should have to react to a real emergency.

In short, if a real emergency comes along that requires, say, the evacuation of Seattle on very short notice, we are fucked. Blue city in a blue state? Forget about it. We are on our own. I'm keeping a full tank of Citgo gas, a bunch of canned food and extra drinking water, and a few more boxes of .357 shells close at hand from now on.

If I were a religious man, I'd probably ask god to have mercy on their souls. But I'm not, so the best I can hope for is some cosmic karma to smite them mightily. Problem is that the rest of us may feel the brunt of that mighty smiting as well, since the kind of cosmic karma they deserve would probably have to come in on the head of a comet.


Runs with piglets said...

Wow interesting point, 40% cuts then roll them into Homeland Security-lite. I guess that built another empire in the federal government...(remember most citizens do not realize our government is actually little empire builders) We all must feel so much safer now that we have seen how secure our homeland is. What if Cuba and Venezuela had sent troops to invade instead of huge amounts of relief? It took 1 week to get 30,000 troops into the area of new Orleans, what would an invading army have done to us?

DrainBamage said...

The Missipi Gov said on CBS NEWS that the president had asked people to evacuate two days before the storm hit. Maybe I heard that wrong? Oh, yeah he is a Repub.

however Democratic Louisiana Representative William Jefferson said it was a totaly unexceptable response from FEMA and the federal government.

What is the differnce between these two people??? Beside the governor who is a white republican who does not live in the area who was affected, the black gentelman represented and lived in the are that was hit hardest. Two differnt stories of how something happened, however the "fat white govenor" did not agree with the "Skinny Black" representative.

Are you telling me the republicans are willing to sell this crisses out to support shrub child?

Flash!topian said...

Dead on, Pissed Off. I've linked to you at