Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mr. Cheney, Go Fuck Yourself

Anyone watching CNN that day was shocked -- shocked! -- to hear the words. Cheney -- who uses them regularly on the floor of the senate -- must be used to hearing them, since he didn't bat an eyelash.

But the young doctor who said them -- who also lost his house to Katrina, and had to drive an extra 20 minutes to get back to the wreckage because of the Cheney motorcade -- was briefly arrested for his troubles. Read the story for yourself.

And this is America? Land of the free? And all that other happy horseshit they crammed down our impressionable throats all the way through school?

Bullshit. He broke no law; he merely fired VP Crashcart's own words back at him. Was Cheney arrested after he tossed that phrase so blithely at Senator Leahy on the floor of the Senate? No, I didn't think so.

Thank god for the Constitution of the United States and its First Amendment guarantees of free speech... What's that? Oh. Uh...never mind.


DrainBamage said...

A precedent has been set here... The military police need to go handcuff Cheney, tight enough his thumb goes numb, and chat with him for 20 min.

Will that happen or will Dr. Marble go to jail for the rest of his life as an enemy of the state, he is obviously dangerous as being the only human being in current times to stand up to a republican, not to mention the puppet master himself!

NWorb said...

I thought we believed in the rule of law in this country? Under this administration you can be arrested even though those arresting you know you commited no crime, and once arrested you can be held indefinitely, without charge, without resort to legal assistance. Are these the "moral values" the Republicans so loudly espouse? Doesn't anyone on the right think these people are dangerous?