Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nuclear "Preemptive" Strike?

In an unprecedented decision that so far seems to have eluded most of the MSM/SCLM (although other countries' news services have picked it up and are to our embarrassment spreading it far and wide), the Pentagon is preparing plans for a nuclear first strike, calling it "preemptive", against suspected WMD producing/ holding/ considering/ looking-at/ thinking-about/ barely-conceptualizing nations.

These fuckers are a bunch of Armageddonists hell-bent on bringing on the Apocalypse. That's been an article of faith for the moronic know-nothing suckers in the religious right for years, but it appears that the cynical neocons, having pandered to the glazed-face glassy-eyed Kool-Aid drinking Christianists for years, are now doing their level best to make their wishes come true.

Compounding this is the recently-released data on the Chernobyl Disaster which puports to show that it wasn't as bad as all that, a lot fewer people died than were predicted, the birds and animals see the contaminated area as a wildlife refuge, and so on, yada yada yada. Just what we need, something that would indicate, to the wrong mindset, that unthinkable nuclear war isn't all that unthinkable after all.

I keep saying it, but it keeps on being true: We are so fucked.


Worst Weather Ever said...

we're only fucked for now, W's days are numbered, stay tough

drainbamage said...

You said it again and again, we are so...

They are finally going to activate their religions in order to enslave everyone.


amazing how two groups who purport to believe in the same god want to wipe out the planet their god created in their gods name

Kilgore Trout said...

Im not sure that "we are so fucked" is strong enough language. were in a lot more trouble than that.

I love telling people from the religious right that there is not fine print on "thou shall not kill". they never seem to have much of a come-back. Its always fun to use the religion they pretend to believe in against them. and when they start quoting other parts of the bible you point out that those are translations and cant be taken at face value.