Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mormon Woman Speaks Out Against Romney

Jesus, when a Mormon "patriarch" can't even keep his own women in check, what makes us think he's going to be able to run a nation?

Check out A Mormon Woman's Manifesto by Judy Dushku, wherein she eviscerates Mitt Romney for being the number one Mormon asshole in her life, at a time when she and her granddaughter needed some spiritual counseling but instead got Mormon bluster and threats of excommunication (excommunication being one of the worst things that a Mormon can face--you are cut off from everyone in the church, all of your friends and family, fellow workers, the whole ball of wax; it can be daunting to face for someone raised in the church and encouraged to have only Mormon friends, etc.)

As an aside, Judy Dushku is the mother of ultra-hot actress Eliza Dushku. No word yet on what she thinks of Mitt Romney, but since the fruit never falls far from the tree, I would guess that she doesn't like him either. The Wikipedia article says she is no longer practicing the faith. Good for her!


Paul said...

You do realize that as a Bishop, Gov. Romney will not (can not) talk about any of this. He can't reply to any of these shrill accusations.

Farnsworth68 said...

"Shrill accusations", huh? Okay, does anyone really believe that Romney is not capable of this kind of behavior?

the yellow fringe said...

Muslims, and Mexicans, disseminate into our society better than Mormons. I almost bought a house and moved to a small town in Utah a few years ago. Finally the realtor ask me if I was Mormon, no. He said don't do it, You'll never find a job here, or if you come here with one and lose it, you'll not get another.

Anonymous said...

I miss Eliza Dushku, she went well with Sarah Michelle Geller on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", giggity... All lust aside, yeah the Mormon church has as big a p@ssy control kick as 3rd world Islam seems to, much to the detriment of half their respective populations. Mormonism seems to be the misogynistic Dianetics version of Christianity in my book, and this is coming from a lapsed Catholic. Religion in general seems to have been hijacked by those who seek personal or political gain in recent history. I think humanity as a species needs to pull religion back to a more ecumenical approach from the zealotry it currently suffers from.


Farnsworth68 said...

I'd like to see Mittens try to stuff Eliza Dushku into one of those "lady binders"... Wow, could she kick him a new asshole in a hurry!
--The F Man