Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lyin' Ryan's Hair -- Is It as Fake as the Rest of Him?

Tonight's debate -- which IMHO Joe Biden won handily -- gave me the first opportunity that I have taken to actually watch Lyin' Ryan in action.

Aside from that Goober-like smile on his lips and the faux intensity in his gaze, the one thing I kept looking at was his hair, and especially that Eddie-Munster-grown-up widow's peak of his.

And as I watched I noticed something odd. Every time he wrinkled up his forehead -- to try to make himself look serious, I guess -- horizontal wrinkle lines would appear on his forehead. Everything else would move along with those wrinkles except for one thing.

His hairline.

The top wrinkle spread across his face from side to side and the skin above and below shifted up and down with it, but that widow's peak stayed in one place. Every time.

This can only mean one thing: Ryan wears a toupee.

Not that there's anything especially wrong with that, but it shows the monumental size of his ego (as if those excessive P90X workouts hadn't already done that) and the length that it will allow him to go to pretend that he is something that he's not.

And yeah, I know that Biden got hair plugs, blah blah blah, so save your time and don't remind me of that. Besides, Biden isn't Ryan, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan is the neo-con action figure the old guard have been trying to build for decades. He's a Ken doll that spews Ayn Rand action phrases when you stick a hand up his puppet @55.