Thursday, October 25, 2012

Billy Graham and the Cult Backlash

You gotta laugh at this one. After The Rev Billy Graham cast aside decades of theological purity and reclassified Mormonism as NOT a cult, the down-ticket evangelists are beside themselves.

Here's the full story from HuffPost: Billy Graham Faces Backlash Over Mormon 'Cult' Removal.

Seems Old Billy, in his zeal to elect a Republican and get that "uppity Negro" out of the White House, has chosen to ignore for political expediency what he previously identified as "cult" beliefs in the Mormon church, and many of his fellow-travelers in the evangelical community are up in arms over it.

The Fundos have been strutting around with their "my god is better than your god" arguments for years. The identification of Mormonism as a cult was a big part of that. Add to this the fact that the Mormons seem to have more in common with Islam than mainstream Christianity (a charismatic founder who made up out of whole cloth new holy scripture, subjugation of women, polygamy, abstemious from alcohol, desert dwellers, clannish distrust of outsiders as infidels, etc. etc.), and you have a recipe for disaster.

One of the pastors interviewed for this story says, "The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association probably cost Mitt Romney my November ballot when it stopped calling Mormonism a cult explicitly because of this election."

Let's hope so. And let's hope a lot of his co-religionists feel the same way.

Sidebar: I know a guy who is now in his 70s who grew up in the same area of North Carolina where Billy Graham lived, and he states, unequivocally, that Billy Graham is a dick. Like we didn't already have that one figured out...

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mikecoffee5 said...

Farnsworth68-You are a misinformed moron!Billy Graham is, and has been all his life, a democrat.It is a well known fact known by all that know ANYTHING about him!And if you cant even get that well known fact right-there is no reason whatever to think anything you say about him has any truth at all in it.Go spew your vile crap to someone ignorant enough to believe it.