Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Wait for Superman - He's a Dick

A surprise hit of the 2010 movie world was the "documentary" indictment of public schools and paean to charter schools entitled Waiting for Superman. I admit that I haven't seen it -- I won't sit through two hours of propaganda for a charter school system the very concept of which I despise -- but of course that won't stop me from mocking it.

I want to point out that the people who LOVED that movie might not want to wait for Superman after all.

Here, from Cracked, one of my very favorite humor sites, is this little gem, 5 Classic Superman Comics That Prove He Used to Be a Dick, including him destroying an entire poor neighborhood with no plan to rebuild it, going all Saddam Hussein on an oil well, ratting out a torture victim and getting him whipped, drugging and kidnapping an innocent man and taking over his life, and going on a car-wrecking rampage on the streets of Metropolis.

All with reproductions from the original comics illustrating this dickish behavior.

Jeez, it was a different world back in those days, wasn't it?