Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Would Jesus Slap?

A pastor in Iowa says he would "like to slap" a female member of his church who had the balls to call him on some church-state bullshit, a pamphlet he was handing out calling for the removal of an Iowa Supreme Court justice.

Whatever happened to that one Jesus guy, you know, the one in the Bible with all that "love your enemies" and that whole "turn the other cheek" stuff? I guess he's done.

In the meantime, the acolytes of the New Jesus are threatening to bitch-slap any uppity women in their congregations. Yeah, that'll teach 'em a lesson...

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Sarge said...

I would hope that the woman the good reverand slapped would have a husband or a brother who might take issue with that and do more than slap him back. Or perhaps she might have a .32 pistol in her purse and drop a round or two in the pastor's pious guts.