Sunday, October 21, 2012

Word Verification Back On

Because I was getting so many robocomments and other spam bullshit, I was forced to put the Word Verification back on the links comments. Sorry about the extra hoop to jump through, but I had to do it.


Sarge said...

I am getting one comment. Isn't there a way to just block that one
robot post?


Oh, this does suck! After the first half at Hooters and many suds during the Colts game. Eyes are gone after that year on a remote site in Alaska - I was able to overcome the stuttering - Her name was Tiffiany - Main bar at the Captain Cook in Anchorage.

I am going to get your book - I am reading that seal book - Easy Day



Farnsworth68 said...

Hi, Sarge. No, as far as I know there's no way to block just one person. Besides, it's not just one. I got a bunch from different sources, including a couple in Russian!!! God knows what they were up to...
Tiffany, huh? Well, now...
--The F Man